The torrent

Are you the collector type, with a senseless urge to archive everything? Or do you just want to download a few galleries for offline enjoyment? In either case, you've come to the right place.

A complete snapshot of all galleries on this site is available in a single .torrent. Each gallery is contained within a single .zip file, the exact same .zip you would get if you downloaded each gallery from this site individually.

This torrent is updated on the 22th day of every even month, provided that there are enough changes. I expect that the next torrent will be released on 2019-02-22.

Download: / magnet (88.4 GiB)

Most torrent clients allow you to select individual files to download, so you can use this torrent even if you don't intent to download everything.

Upgrading from a previous version
Already have an earlier version of the torrent? Then you can avoid redownloading everything by downloading the new torrent on top of the earlier version, but you may have to perform a few manual actions first.

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